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LoL DFS Game Theory (LPL/LCK) 7/18

We are excited to bring you our LOL DFS Game Theory article. This piece of content is created to help break down each slate and label our plays into four, very easy to follow, categories. These are: cash, safe GPP/upside, low owned GPP, and fades. Utilizing this piece of content, along with DFS Karma’s E-Sports Projection Portal and other DFS Karma LOL DFS content, helps make your lineup construction more effective, and leads you to being more consistent in your DFS journey.


Zoom Kanavi Yagao LokeN LvMao JDG
Rich Peanut Gori Deokdam Kellin NS
Flandre JieJie Scout Viper Meiko EDG
ALe Tarzan icon LP(SR) Kedaya LNG
Doran Blank Dove Noah Harp KT

*If you don’t already play 3 lineups and 3-max entry contests daily, try using the teams provided in the stacks above to maximize upside and correlation in your LOL lineups.  (SR=Sub Risk)

Slate Thoughts:

We have tons of interesting matchups tonight in both the LPL and LCK.  All 5 are series we could see go either way.  The biggest favorite on the slate is NS, and they are only sitting at -275.  I think this is a night you get creative, and target plenty of dogs, and get a few double dog builds.  I expect us to see at least 2 upsets if not more tonight.  The top team on my board tonight is going to be JDG.  This JDG team is playing really well right now, and are clearly not only one of the top teams in the LPL, but in the world at this moment.  This should be a series that produces really good scores for us, and will have high kill volume.  JDG should be bigger favorites in this spot in my opinion.  However, we have seen crazier things happen in this league so far this spit, it would not in the least bit surprise me to see an upset, though I do not expect it.   Load up on on Kanavi in this spot, he is going to have a huge night!

Next we have a matchup between LNG and OMG.  LNG are bringing two of their Academy players into the fold tonight in LP and Kedaya.  Both players have preformed really well in the academy league, and could very well keep that strong play going here tonight.  I don’t expect this series to be as bloody as the other two LPL matchups though.  I think if were to play anyone from this series, I would lean towards OMG, due to their prices, and decent ceilings they come with in an upset.

The most exciting matchup on the night is going to be the EDG/RNG series.  EDG are playing extremely well so far this split and clearly look like the class of the LPL.  However, as good as EDG are and have been this split, it would be criminal to look past the talent on the RNG roster.  RNG are live here, and if they are able to pull off the upset, are most certainly going to be optimal.  I believe that EDG keep up their strong play here and win in 3 very tightly contested games.  This should be the bloodiest series on the slate, and you will want to make sure you get exposure to one of these squads.

My predictions for tonight are as follows:
OMG win 2-1; JDG win 2-0; EDG win 2-1; NS win 2-0; DRX win 2-1
Good luck tonight! Cores for both FD and DK will be posted on the site tonight.



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