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Call of Duty League DFS- Seattle Surge Home Series Breakdown

What’s up everyone! Glad to be writing my first COD article for you guys here. If you haven’t signed up to be apart of the team, what are you waiting for? Let’s get right into it- here is how I will be formatting the post. We will be going over every game, which will consist of short analysis, and 4 key pieces I like from the game. Let’s get right into it.

CHI vs PAR (CHI -550)

This will be a fun series to watch, but it could be a rather quick one. Chicago should likely be starting their new player Prestinni, as they acquired him over the past week. He fits right into the play style that Chicago have tried to implement. Paris have some decently talented players, and they are a mid pack team as a whole, 6th in the CDL standings at the moment. However, I don’t see them beating CHI at all. They failed to take a game from OGLA in the FLA Home Series last week, and CHI is a different caliber team. I would say 3-0/3-1 is fairly likely here.

Limiting exposure to Envoy (ranked 5th overall on Sam’s Sheet, and has the second highest point projection) & Scump (Ranked 10th overall) here. 

LAG vs LON (LON-300)

This should be another fun series to watch, and I expect LON to come out strong. They are playing the worst team in the league in LAG, and I love the talent on LON, the twins have been playing strong and this is another potential series for them to show out. Gonna keep it quick here, I think this will be a 3-0. If it does go to 4 games, I like Wuskin/Dylan the most out of all LON players to have the highest upside.

Limiting exposure to Wuskin (ranked 3rd overall) and Dylan. 

OGLA vs MINN (MINN -165)

Boy oh boy. I love watching OGLA, and that roster change they made did wonders for them. They benched Jkaps and added Chino in, and they made it all the way to the final. This one should be my favorite one to game stack, starting with Dashy and Slasher for OGLA. Let’s go over Dashy’s stats- He has a 1.09 K/D ratio, avg of 50sec on the hill, and averages 4 caps per DOM. These aren’t amazing objective stats but he is a fragger, meaning majority of his fantasy points come from his kills. To put it into perspective, on Day 1 of the FLA Home Series, Dashy had only 23 seconds of HT, and only 5 caps. This resulted in a poor objective fantasy performance. However, he went 114/99, which eclipsed him over the 125 FDP mark. Dashy won’t provide a ton of points via the objectives, but he will definitely put on a show in the kill department. For MINN, Assault and GodRx are my two main plays. Assault does a little bit of everything averaging 66 seconds of HT, along with 5.5 caps per series. In addition, he has a solid 1.15 K/D ratio. I think this goes to 4 for sure, and possibly a game 5. 

Game Stack is great here! Focus on Dashy, Slasher, Assault, and GodRx. 

SEA vs NYS (SEA +290)

This is by far one of the best matchups to watch. I love watching NYS play, and I’m a fan of Seattle as well. Seattle will be subbing Enable back into the lineup for Pandur, and here is what Seattle Surge’s Octane had to say about that, “When we initially benched [Enable], even he admitted he really wasn’t passionate enough about the game,” he said. “He has been absolutely grinding since he got benched.… The first couple of days back in scrims he has been more vocal than he ever was before. I think it was kind of a kick in the ass.”

Octane knows the type of person that Enable is outside of the game. They teamed together throughout the Black Ops 4 season, and they won two tournaments plus a second-place finish at Champs. “I knew that when he got benched it would help him, not hurt him. (CDL’s Katie Bedford). This is super encouraging. I think Seattle has always been just one player away, one player that needs to step up and help out, and boy Pandur has been straight awful. He went an abysmal 47/98 in the last series, and I think I could do better than that. Now I think Seattle has a legitimate shot at taking NYS to 5. NYS have been playing great, it seems like Mack’s play has really motivated the whole team, and I would say this is another great “GPP” game stack. Mack, Temp, Attach are solid for NYS, Octane Apathy and Slacked for SEA. My prediction is it goes 4 games, and if it goes to the 5th, Seattle will BEAT NYS. I am going bold here!


That’ll be all for my write up today, let’s do a brief recap.

Teams I like for CASH Games (in order of preference) : OGLA, MINN, NYS, SEA

Teams I like for Tournaments: CHI, SEA, LON

DM and follow me on Twitter for more information/insight @SrirachaDFS! 

Thank you to the CDL for the images.



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