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DreamHack Masters 5-20-20

Welcome to day 2! Today, we have another 3 matchups featuring 4 of the same European teams from yesterday and 2 new North American teams. Navigating the fill-in players, new players, and how I expect the matches to go below.

Heroic(+205) v G2(-255)

G2 is struggling against lower talent and that’s obvious. I think it’s pretty poor map voting if anyone from G2 is reading this. Now if they want to be taken seriously, they will have to do it against Heroic, which has a few shining stars on the roster day 1. Personally, I expect G2 to come out swinging, but they will need kennyS and nexa to wake up.  Depending on maps, some value options for gpp’s are in this matchup.
Players To Watch:

PlayerDK SalaryKPR

Astralis(-365) v North(+280)

We saw Astralis have a little trouble yesterday when they faced Heroic on Train after losing their in-game leader, gla1ve to a mental health timeout. His replacement, JUGi, actually looked okay on map 2 when device was struggling. But it’s obvious that their Terrorist side strategies will need to be retooled moving forward against stronger opponents. On the flip side, North was able to play the upset card against G2 for the 2nd straight time using their ringer, Kristou. North is tricky, but I think with the right map choices, we are looking solidly at another 2-0 victory for Astralis.
Players To Watch:

PlayerDK SalaryKPR

MiBR(+165) v Furia(-205)

This battle of Brazil is a pretty common occurrence for North American CS, however don’t get it twisted. Furia owns MiBR historically, never losing a series and only losing 2 maps total to MiBR. We know Furia will ban Dust2 and I expect MiBR to ban Nuke. I fully expect to see Overpass or Mirage from Furia and MiBR will probably go with Inferno (as their Train play has been exposed by Furia multiple times). We do get to see MiBR with their new player, trk.  Odds are juicy enough if you believe in a Furia sweep for the 3rd straight meeting.
Players To Watch:

PlayerDK SalaryKPR


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