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PGL Major Antwerp – CSGO Analysis for 5/20/22

This article was posted on behalf of LilWattsRyda, our resident CSGO expert

Hello everyone this is my first article and I’m a bit excited to share my knowledge and picks for todays slate. I’ll have two cores, one cash and one GPP. Contests lock at 10:30am EST on Friday, 5/20.

Ence vs Copenhagen Flames

Ence has been looking good lately on LAN. They won their BO3 against Heroic to get into the playoffs and I feel like they’re the dark horse of this tournament. On the Copenhagen Flames side, they’re good as well but there be times I’ve watched them play well and then the next day, play like straight garbage. I’m favoring Ence in this match and I see a 3rd map with these two teams.

Favorite plays:
Spinx, Ence (Dk:8,800) I like Spinx. I’ve watched him on this team develop into a stud. In his last match, he did well against team Heroic had a 1.17 rating and I can dig that. Plus looking at the past matches the only lost they took was in the B01 for PGL but it’s a BO3 and I expect this to go to a 3rd map.
Dycha, Ence (DK:8,400) Dycha has improved to me. Dycha does have his lackluster moments but right now, he’s in form and had a good one 1.30 last match. For $8.4k, I like he’s a bit overpriced and I’ll still have him in my lineups for today.
Hades, Ence (DK:6,800) This price for Hades is just too low and disrespectful. To me, this boy, he’s actually good. Last match he had a 1.04 rating and that’s not bad to me. I’ll have exposure to him in my lineups.
Maden, Ence (DK:6,000) Maden has his up and down moments, but he’s really a good player even though his rating in his last match against Heroic was at 0.98. I just wish he would be more consistent in his matches but still a good play to me.
Snappi, Ence (Dk:5.200) He has his moments. Like Maden, he could go off or play like sh-t. I’ll put him a few lineups and just need him to find his consistency.

Navi vs Heroic

Navi vs Heroic could go either way as both teams are good to me and I do like both of them. I have no favorite because this is gonna be a good match. Both teams are performing well, and in my honest opinion, I can see a 3rd map between these two teams.

Favorite plays:
B1T, NAVI (DK:8,600) B1T is shining in this tournament I’ve literally watched this man grow and become baby S1mple out there. Not gonna lie, NAVI did a smart move by bringing this kid onto their team. Last match, he had a rating 1.48 against NIP and they went to a third map.. Jesus I hope he continues with this performance that he’s on.
S1mple, NAVI (DK:9,200) I haven’t seen that S1mple I seen since last year because to me, this man is the GOAT of CSGO. I do like him today even though he’s $9.2k, but that price won’t hurt because at the end of the day S1mple is always gonna get his. Last match his rating was a 1.33 with a 60 bomb in kills. He can get this against Heroic, even though they did beat them a while back in the first part of the PGL tournament he might be out for revenge.
Perfecto, NAVI (DK:6,600) For this price and the way Perfecto has been performing, not a bad play to me. Last match, he had a 1.39 against NIP. Sheesh looks like you’re finally coming back to form Mr. Clutch. Can you keep it up against Heroic? Only time will tell.
ElectroNic, NAVI (DK:7,200) It’s a decent price for ElectroNic, plus he had a 1.02 rating against NIP. I will have a little bit of exposure of him in my lineup, but just need him to perform well in this match.
Stavn, Heroic (Dk:7,800) Wow the price drop on this man. sheesh and he balled out against VIT, with a rating of 1.50. It was unreal that day and he’s still good and competitive. He should give them a fight and not get skunked by NAVI.
Sjuush, Heroic (Dk:5,400) Not bad a price, but just with his last match he had a rating of 1.14. I’m just worried about his consistency with keeping this level of performance going. I will have a little exposure to him.
Cadian, Heroic (6,200k) To me I feel like it’s a mispricing on DraftKings end but he’s good and had a 1.14 rating against VIT. I’m going to have some exposure to him some of my lineups.

I will be posting my cores in the premium chat here.

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