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PGL Major Antwerp – CSGO Showdown 5/21/22

This article was posted on behalf of LilWattsRyda, our resident CSGO expert

Well, yesterday was a wild two gamer. Ence swept Flames. I said they have their garbage moments. Then, Navi vs Heroic… OMG I was watching that match and man it was an intense one but Navi got the win at the end and my GPP lineup did well. We have a showdown at 1pm EST – Ence vs Navi and this is gonna be a good one. I give the slight edge to NAVI winning it all.

NaVi vs Ence

Favorite plays:
Spinx, Ence (Dk:10,200) In my first article, I mentioned him. Like I said before this kid is a stud in my eyes. But he’s going up against NAVI and they’re a tough opponent to beat. Last time they played each other was at IEM Katowice where they went to a third map and got beat by NAVI. In his match against Flames his rating was a 1.47. Not a bad play to me, just only thing that worries me is if NAVI sweeps them.

Hades, Ence (DK:8,400) The pricing on him feels a bit off but hades is a good play, but it’s hard for me to see Ence beat NAVI. In his match against Flames his rating was a 1.24 . I have some exposure to him in some of my lineups for today’s showdown.

Dycha, Ence (DK:9,400) Not a bad price for Dycha. This kid has been improving in his matches as of lately. In his match against Flames his rating was a 1.14. Today he will have a tough challenge today against NAVI.

Snappi, Ence (Dk:6.400) The price is right for Snappi. He had an decent game against Flames yesterday. He had a rating of 1.10 still not bad, just today he’s going up against a tough ass team.

ElectroNic, NAVI (DK:9,800) In my last article, he was mentioned that he needed to play well. Well sh-t, he showed up yesterday. He was playing like he was possessed and had a rating of 1.46. I need this man to keep this form in the next match. I’ll have exposure to him in my lineups.

S1mple, NAVI (DK:11,200) This price on my man S1mple is a bit too high, but I know what he’s capable of. He hasn’t looked like himself on LAN, but I think he’s tryna get back to it. But they’re gonna need this man today in order to get to the Finals. He had a rating of 1.07 yesterday. I need that S1mple I know today.. Mr 70 bomb. I will have exposure to him in my lines.

B1T, NAVI (DK:10,800) His price is bit high IMO after how he played the first map. He was having trouble in the office lol. But he did bounce back in the 2nd and 3rd map like I called yesterday. I just need him to stay out of trouble today. I will have some exposure to him in some of my lineups.

Perfecto, NAVI (Dk:9,000k) Yesterday I mentioned consistency from Mr. Clutch and he play like sh-t yesterday while hurting my cash lineup. He did get the clutch win against Heroic. But it’s a new day. Will this man bounce back after his sh-t performance? I think so. He had a rating of 0.90. He’s not that horrible lol. Will have min exposure to him in my lineups.

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